About BabyBonk Inscriptions

BabyBonk is an interesting meme coin designed to create a fair opportunity for every participant. To this end, we have launched the leading inscription $BabyBonk, which is the first inscription of young people, representing their love and support for BabyBonk. The inscription series meme emoji token $BabyBonk is not only a digital asset, but also a cultural and emotional symbol. It can be used to purchase goods and services, as well as to express emotions and attitudes. With the advancement of NFT ecological planning, the Inscription series meme emoji token $BabyBonk will launch more inscriptions and emoji packs to attract more fans to participate. We believe that with the efforts of Bangkinubank, $BabyBonk will become one of the most popular emoticons in the blockchain.

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Ecosystem of BabyBonk

Token Info

The token name is Baby Bonk Inu and the symbol is BabyBonk. The total supply of $BabyBonk is 2,055,982,766,000,000.

Transaction Fee

The transaction fee of $BabyBonk is 5%, including 1% for reflections and 4% for buyback and burning.

Investment Value

$BayByBonk is a strong project created by an experienced encryption team, and the project's IP is also very well-known.

More BabyBonk Design


BabyBonk will utilize NFT technology to create unique tokens for digital artworks, game props, and further expand its application areas.


BabyBonk will actively participate in the development of Web3.0, promote the construction of decentralized applications (DApps) and...


Provide investment and financial support to developers and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve BabyBonk based creativity...


GameFi will be a heavyweight application launched after the release of NFT collectibles, which will ignite BabyBonk's FOMO sentiment...


BabyBonk is an IP with a large following, and it will definitely be a popular project.


The design and release of emoticons will be the key to BabyBonk's success, as countless people will use it.

Frequency Ask Question?

The $BabyBonk coin was deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The contract address of $BabyBonk is: 0xbb0e081fd4ef6e01773e39490d4d4a98ccfc39d0.
The $BabyBonk coin was launched of PancakeSwap, and the launch time of $BabyBonk is 12 Dec 2023, 01:00 (UTC).
The contract is safe enough. To ensure investor confidence, liquidity pool will be locked for more than 12 months and the ownership will also be renounced.
$BabyBonk is the designated anime IP, which is the strongest in the universe and will become famous in the encrypted world. $BabyBonk's team has rich project management experience and projects have infinite potential.
Please follow our social media for updates. Wait for our Twitter Space or Telegram AMA and prepare your questions.

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    • Phase 01
      • Initial Marketing
      • Website Development
      • Contract Deployment
      • Launch on PancakeSwap
      • Hot search on AVE
      • 3,000+ Holders
    • Phase 02
      • Coinmarketcap Listing
      • CoinGecko Listing
      • DexTool Listing
      • NFT Design and Release
      • CEX Listing
      • 8,000+ Holders
    • Phase 03
      • Mass Marketing
      • Metaverse DAPP Release
      • BabyBonk Fundation
      • GameFi Design and Release
      • More CEXs Listing
      • 20,000+ Holders

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